Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance


TransDocLink can arrange customs clearance domestically and abroad through a dedicated agent network; at all times we will advice you to make the procedure or clearing your goods through customs as efficient as possible.

Well in advance we will discuss with you what is needed to arrange a smooth customs clearance; document and details you should think of are :

  • POA (Power of Attorney)
  • VAT number under which the goods can be customs cleared **
  • HS code (this is a code known at customs which describes the goods and which is linked to a certain duty percentage); your freightforwarder / customs broker can help you to find the correct HS code

** If one is a regular importer it’s convenient to ask for a VAT deferment which means that the VAT is not immediately payable but will be calculated in your monthly report to the tax authorities. This would be positive for your cashflow as the 21% of VAT can be quite a huge amount.