Globalisation has brought a continuous growth in trade and a growing demand for Logistical and financial services to support that trade.

TransDocLink is positioned in Europe’s heartbeat for trade with Rotterdam being one of the world’s leading ports for container traffic. TransDocLink offers a new and revolutionary way to support business and bring simplicity to trade

Mission statement:

"TransDocLink delivers Freightforwarding & financial settlement, providing transparency, cost efficiency, risk minimalisation & ease of use"

History TransDocLink

TransDocLink was formed in 2014 and started as a full fintech company. The idea was born from decades of experience of the founders in the banking environment. Inefficiency & in-transparency within the trade domain and the introduction of the Payment Service Directive (PSD) jump-started the initiative. With all the program management & digitalisation experience form the founders we started to create the first shapes of the product, ending up in 2017 with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) backed by a subsidy from the Dutch Government. In 2019 we started our own freightforwarding company and since than we are building on to enhance the services & products we offer.


Provide Freightforwarding services immediate based on highest available standards

By combining decades of in depth experience with automation & direct multi channel communication

Directly coupling the supplier to the buyer concerning the status of logistics & financial settlement

Both parties are linked in our platform enabling them to negotiate with a track record & make specific agreements on the execution

TransDocLink makes your trade value chain transparent, agile & cost efficient

Tracking your cargo & financial balance enables you to make better decisions & forecasts


TransDocLink provides services that are based on best practices originating from services that are traditionally provided to large corporations. These services are meant to lower the barriers to engage in trade transactions you would normally not engage in due to unacceptable high risks or costs. We strive to bring you support in a way that feels natural and is always transparent. We want you to focus on your core business without the worries if you actually receive or send your products & you get paid or pay when exactly desired. Use what u need and only pay for what you have used is an important starting point.


  • Direct high quality freightforwarding services

  • Risks mitigated on demand

  • Automated document handling

  • Track & Trace for money & goods

  • Real-time on-line

  • Clearly identified “gap” between large (tier 1) banks & mid corporates which is currently not addressed

  • Unique combination of Supply Chain Management (SCM) with financial expertise to provide niche Supply Chain services